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Frequently Asked Questions
When are the Auctions held?
The auctions are held in Japan every day except public holidays – so you can always go shopping! In other counties auction times vary.
How do I get a gauge on pricing?
The data of auction held recently is the best place to get an idea of prices of vehicles that have been sold over the last 3 months. We are happy to show you how to do this so please feel free to contact us. It's important you compare like cars with like cars. A gauge on pricing at from other countries is difficult.
How do I get a gauge on pricing?
For Japan each car is graded by the specific auctions independently. Nordad has also created a system where you can check the auction sheet (unfortunately this is written in Japanese) along with the grade of the car before you buy. If you are unaware of the grading system it is as follows:
Almost new unit
Excellent condition with low mileage
Very good condition with slightly higher mileage
Similar condition to Grade 5 but again, slightly higher mileage
Good condition with minor scratches and dents
Average condition with scratches and dents on body
Below average vehicle with high mileage, scratches and dents
Accident unit that has been repaired
Does your company staff inspect the cars before bidding?
The auctions have independent graders checking cars and we have posted their inspections on the website for your viewing.
In how many days will I actually get my car?
There is no exact time for this as it completely depends on the shipping schedules. However, we do ship on the very first available vessel. Usually it takes 4 to 8 weeks from the time of purchase to deliver.
Can I cancel the car I purchase by myself?
We never like cancellations. When a customer cancels his/her order, we may have to resell that car in the auction or by any other way. In this event the customer will bear the difference when their buy price and the new sell cost plus any other incidentals.